Modernizing EDI: Best Practices for Project Planning, Migration, and Operations

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Businesses are finding that the classic EDI solutions they put in place years ago are no longer capable of meeting their requirements for trading partner integration. “Modern EDI” offers an answer, by adding any-to-any connectivity, end-to-end integration, support for non-standard document syntaxes, near real-time response, and on-demand visibility to transaction status and activities.

This Educast examines:

  • What to gather and analyze before you choose a modern EDI solution
  • How using a project repository lends continuity to migration
  • How integration pattern reuse speeds migration and new onboarding
  • Where to employ tool automation for best results
  • Which go-live policies prevent problems downstream

Approx. 53 minutes

Presented by Jim O'Leary, VP Product Strategy and Jeff Inns, VP Customer and Product Infrastructure at EXTOL International


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