Managed Data Integration Services

Flexible and reliable data integration services when you need it the most.

By outsourcing your data integration needs to EXTOL’s fully trained experts, companies reduce the risk of false starts, delays and project failure. Drawing on hundreds of successful integration projects, our Managed Services teams often plan and implement users’ projects faster than their internal teams, resulting in faster ROI.

We do not issue long-term contracts, and we don't charge for additional documents. You can use EXTOL Managed Services as needed, and all of your data is available when you choose to switch from a Managed Services model to an on-premise one.

Users Maintain Control

With EXTOL Managed Services, all of your data, integration results, and audit information are available to you locally. You also have real-time visibility, reporting, and notifications for critical business processes, performance and operations. With the ability to turn the managed service arrangement on and off as resources and situation allow, you can control the level of support and associated cost to suit your needs.

EXTOL Managed Services teams are assigned to your project only as needed, eliminating the overhead of permanent staff or augmenting your staff during temporary personnel gaps (vacations, family leave, etc.). An EXTOL Managed Services representative is assigned to your account, to provide continuity and ensure in-depth understanding of your systems and integrations.

Use EXTOL Managed Services to:
  • Simplify data flows to critical business systems
  • Accelerate new trading partner on-boarding
  • Comply with existing customer data requirements
  • Reduce risk associated with process errors
  • Re-deploy staff to higher visibility projects


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