Operating System Support for EXTOL Products

Primary platforms: EXTOL supports some or all of these products on the following "primary" platforms:

IBM i OS i 6.1, i 7.1, i 7.2   X
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 / 2012, Windows 7, 8 X  
Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 5, 6 and 7 X  
Mac OS X X  


When EXTOL says it supports a product on a primary platform, it means:

    1. We provide packaged installers and platform-specific launching utilities for that product on that platform.
    2. We have done extensive quality assurance testing on that product for that platform.
    3. We have Customer Support representatives who are familiar with that product on that platform.

Since it is a significant investment for EXTOL to add support for an additional primary platform, we do so only when the market demand for a given combination makes it worthwhile.

Secondary platforms: In addition to the primary platform support described above, EXTOL provides limited support for some of its Java products on "secondary" platforms, including:

CentOS Linux X
Fedora X

When EXTOL says it supports a product on a secondary platform, it means:

    1. We provide basic installation and launcher functions for the product, using shell scripts.
    2. We have test-installed that product on that platform, and verified the basic operation, but have not performed extensive QA testing.
    3. We will make reasonable efforts to resolve platform-specific problems, should any arise, but cannot guarantee that they will be resolved.

EXTOL may promote a platform from secondary to primary status, based on market demand.


  1. Not all EXTOL Java products and versions are available on the primary and secondary platforms listed above. Refer to the EXTOL Products Platform Support Matrix for a current list of platforms supported by each product.
  2. Remote access to the EXTOL Java applications on Linux and Mac has been verified using the RealVNC client server. Access to the EXTOL applications on the above mentioned operating systems using anything other than RealVNC is not supported.
  3. EXTOL reserves the right to amend this policy without notice.
  4. To inquire about the availability of an EXTOL product on a platform not listed here, contact your Customer Account Manager for assistance.

Platform Support Matrix

1 = Primary (fully tested and supported)
2 = Secondary (basic testing and support)

The OS and versions listed in the matrix represent the primary platforms available at the time of release.
Microsoft Windows IBM i OS (i5/OS) Mac OS X Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server CentOS Linux Fedora Linux
Server 2008 / 2012, Win 7 / Win 8 i 6.1,
i 7.1,
i 7.2

Maverick, Yosemite

v5.x, v6.x, v7.x    
EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) - Server v4 1**     1 2 2
EBI Studio v4 1***   1 1 2 2
EXTOL Dashboard Server v3.1 1     1 2 2
EXTOL EDI Integrator for i v6.5   1        
EXTOL Secure Exchange (ESX) - Server v5.5.3 1 1   1 2 2
EXTOL Secure Exchange Proxy Server v1.4 1     1 2 2
EXTOL Secure Exchange (ESX) - Client v5.5.3 1       2 2

*Please contact Technical Support for system requirements for previous versions.

** EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) - Server - only supported on Windows 2012 server
***EBI Studio - also supported on Windows 10