The Affordable Way to Control and Manage Your EDI Partner Connections.


EXTOL VAN is a unique software and service combination that provides a cost-effective method to exchange formatted electronic data over the Internet.

By enabling communications with traditional VANs and private networks as well as Internet-connected partners and exchanges, EXTOL VAN facilitates migration to full Internet-based e-commerce.

With a single IP connection, EXTOL VAN supports virtually any communications method, encryption or security option, and EDI standard, from any platform, for enterprises of all sizes. As a result, EXTOL VAN gives you the ability to connect to trading partners no matter which connectivity or security methods they require.

ESX Diagram
  • Centralized, push-based access to transactions and responses from multiple partners.

  • Tracking and reporting features that help you manage your EDI communications.

  • Integrates with your local file systems via file writers and directory listeners.

  • Multiple network connectivity options, including dedicated lines, dialup, frame relay, and IP-based access methods.

  • Interconnections with over 20 major e-commerce networks worldwide.

  • High capacity network infrastructure, for rapid message delivery.

  • Web-based tracking and management of your communications, in near-real-time.

EXTOL VAN is a hosted service with a browser-based user interface to track activities and manage document traffic in both directions.

Your EDI application communicates with the EXTOL VAN service, which in turn, connects with each of your trading partners using whatever communication transport or service they prefer. The EXTOL VAN service keeps track of your communications with trading partners, and maintains a mailbox containing the documents you send and receive.

EXTOL VAN efficiently delivers transactions through a single connection, decreasing per-document processing costs.