EXTOL Secure Exchange (ESX)

Cost-effective encrypted Communications for your valuable data assets.


ESX is a standards-compliant solution for sending and receiving EDI, XML, and other data securely over the Internet.

By applying advanced encryption, authentication and nonrepudiation methods, ESX protects the privacy and integrity of your communications with customers, suppliers, remote divisions and other external partners.

Drummond Group Certification

ESX is seamlessly integrated with all EXTOL integration platforms, and is certified for the most recent AS2 compliance by the Drummond™ Group.

EXTOL Secure Exchange
ESX Diagram
  • Guaranteed delivery of files.

  • Data files are signed with SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, or MD5.

  • Data files are encrypted with DES, 3DES, RC2, RC4, AES, or CAST5.

  • I/O support for stream files, delimited files, and direct IFS.

  • Improved transaction turnaround time, due to asynchronous delivery and processing of documents and message delivery notifications (MDNs).

  • Automatically send alerts of partner-system-down status or configuration issues.

  • Automates retries, error recovery and notification, and MDN receipt monitoring.

  • Works behind the firewall, in a DMZ, in front of the firewall, or as a hybrid.

  • Integrates with your local file systems via file writers and directory listeners.

EXTOL Secure Exchange is designed specifically for secure data communications and to avoid well-known security exposures inherent in solutions based on commercial HTTP servers.