What EEI Does

Create, test, and deploy EDI integration processes from beginning to end.


EEI includes a rich set of runtime functions and design-time aids that are designed to rapidly deploy new trading partners, quickly identify errors, monitor system activity and enable managing daily operations more efficiently.

With its robust end-user capabilities, including dashboard and user view, EEI makes it easier for end users to access, search and view B2B data. This means less time spent troubleshooting end-user requests and more time focusing on strategic projects.

What integration challenges does your business face?

5 Key Integration Solutions

See our strategies to overcome the top 5 business challenges.


Use EEI for:

  • Automated EDI Processing

    Automatically process X12 and EDIFACT EDI standards 5 times faster than most other solutions on the market.

  • High Performance EDI Translation

    Process high volumes of transactions rapidly, and with low latency.

  • Rapid Partner Onboarding

    Easily generate partner definitions and mapping rules from pre-built patterns.

  • Transaction Visibility

    Monitor real-time EDI transactions, and create automated alerts and reports.

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