EBI Studio

Design-time modeling environment for EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI)

EBI Studio provides complete lifecycle support for building and maintaining sophisticated integration applications, with support for process composition, object reuse, and iterative development - all without coding. EBI Studio delivers the power needed to tackle large, complex integration problems, yet can be used effectively even by IT professionals with limited experience and technical skills.


With EBI Studio:

  • Create new integration processes in minutes - without coding
  • Integrate cloud applications, external trading partners, internal applications and services, and enterprise data resources - in any combination, with one set of tools and skills.
  • Run the integration applications you build on any supported Windows or Linux platform
  • Operate on virtually any type of business data - including XML documents, EDI messages, databases, flat files, and spreadsheets
  • Accelerate data migration and partner onboarding with the Project Generator
  • Deliver integration applications that require less maintenance and are easier to extend
  • Build integration applications incrementally, testing and incorporating business user feedback at multiple stages
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