EBI Scalability, Concurrency, and Throughput Features

The EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI) offers three features for tuning system throughput and response, both overall and for specific work inputs:

  • Queue priority and throughput configuration enables Administrators to tune throughput and response for specific workloads.
  • Work node clustering enables businesses with large workloads to scale horizontally by distributing integration processing across multiple physical or virtual machines.
  • Worker allocation settings control the number of concurrent processes that execute at any one time, both in single-server configurations and across clustered EBI systems.

Businesses with mixed workload inputs from trading partners, on-premise and SaaS applications, and/or enterprise data can use these mechanisms to prioritize processing of high-value and time-sensitive inputs, as business conditions and demands dictate. Examples include:

  • Prioritizing orders, invoices, and other high-value transactions that impact revenue and cash flow
  • Prioritizing partner-specific work inputs according to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Allocating additional workers to increase processing concurrency for high-volume, high-priority work inputs
  • Reducing the concurrency impact of long-running, low-priority integration processes by setting a low maximum worker allocation for those processes
  • Throttling process concurrency to avoid demand flooding by assigning workers to server nodes according to available capacity
  • Tuning worker and work node allocations in response to changing demand profiles to ensure completion of daily and nightly processing within designated time windows
  • Adding and removing work nodes in a cluster to handle seasonal, monthly, or other temporary increases in workload volume

Scalability, Concurrency, Throughput

As integration workloads and service level requirements change, the scalability, concurrency, and throughput features of EXTOL Business Integrator empower businesses to tune integration throughput and response, both overall and for specific inputs.


Download the Scalability and Throughput Data Sheet  Download the Server Clustering Data Sheet