What EBI Includes

A complete middleware platform to integrate all data, systems and applications.


Core Features

EXTOL Business Integrator
  • EBI Studio

    A GUI-based design-time toolset you can use on your local workstation to design, build, test, and deploy integration projects.

  • EXTOL Dashboard

    A web server and web-based dashboard application for monitoring and tracking integration activities.

  • Database Monitor

    Automatically run business processes based on database activity.

  • Log Warehouse

    An offline repository and server for long-term data retention and reporting.

  • Hosted Repository

    A no-cost, cloud-based repository for sharing and managing integration project deliverables.

  • Product Training

    EBI includes initial product training and access to the EXTOL University training event, for one person.

Any File Type

File Types

EXTOL Business Integrator supports a wide variety of integration requirements and data types within a single solution.

Application Integrations

Featured Application Integrations
  • Oracle® Integrator

    The EXTOL Application Integrator for Oracle provides bi-directional integration with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), via the standard Oracle e-Commerce Gateway (ECG) interface.

  • Oracle® JD Edwards® Integrator

    The EXTOL Application Integrator for JD Edwards provides bi-directional integration with EnterpriseOne, via the standard JD Edwards “Z table” interface.

  • SAP® Integrator

    The EXTOL Application Integrator for SAP provides bi-directional integration and activity monitoring for business processes that interact with SAP applications via IDocs.

  • Other Application Integrations

    EBI provides built-in support for integrating with other commercial and in-house application systems using file, database, messaging, or web service interfaces.

Optional Features

EXTOL Business Integrator

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EXTOL Business Integrator supports any trading partner or internal system integration requirement within a single solution – without needing special skills to manage, or custom code to implement.