Flat File Integrator Option

Create, Deploy, Manage, and Maintain Flat File Integration applications

The Flat File Integrator option for the EXTOL Business Integrator automates data interactions with trading partners and applications using flat files. When used in combination with Data Integrators for XML, Spreadsheet, Database and EDI, it transforms flat file content to and from other document formats used in your business.

The Flat File Integrator complements traditional EDI by automating the transformation and processing of partner- and application-defined flat file transactions.  Your business can use email, FTP, and other simple transports to exchange application-defined files with IT-limited trading partners, without sacrificing the speed and accuracy of automated processing.

The Flat File Integrator Includes:

  • Support for both fixed-length and delimited flat files
  • Support for both single- and multiple-format file structures
  • Interactive generation of data transformation metadata from flat file sample data

image descriptionEXTOL Flat File Integrator - Flat File Schema Wizard


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