Database Integrator Option

Create, Deploy, Manage, and Maintain Database Integration Applications

The Database Integrator option for EXTOL Business Integrator  lets you create integration processes that consume and produce relational database content. When used in combination with Data Integrators for XML, Flat File, Spreadsheet, and EDI, it transforms database content to and from other document formats used in your business. It supports DBMSs that offer a standard JDBC driver, including Oracle, MS SQL Server, and DB2.


With the Database Integrator, you can:

  • Select, Insert, Update and Delete database content
  • Generate database document definitions from imported database table and column metadata
  • Define reusable data sources that span multiple tables without DBA involvement
  • Refer to database tables and columns using meaningful aliases rather than cryptic, low-level IDs
  • Specify selection criteria without typing SQL expressions
  • Activate database operations using events and/or schedules


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