B2B Integration Software

Building, automating and managing large data transactions efficiently requires flexible integration tools that improve process efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize errors.

Complete Business Integration

EXTOL provides platform-independent B2B integration software that tackles a wide variety of business integration requirements, without requiring custom code to implement, or specialized skill-set to manage.

Business Integration

Automate New Trading Partner Onboarding
Onboard trading partners faster and cut costs by over 50% using pre-existing data samples with the Project Generator.

Data Migration
Easily migrate data from any system 50% faster than traditional methods.

Data Translation and Transformation
Validate, transform, and route business documents in any supported format.

Increase Scalability and Throughput
Achieve higher service availability, scalability, and throughput.

Transaction Visibility
Monitor real-time EDI transactions, and create automated alerts and reports.

Database Driven Processing
Automatically run business processes based on database activity.

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“EXTOL offered the ideal combination of utility and price that caught our attention right away. We expect to receive all of the functionalities the larger providers offer, but at a far lower cost. Our decision to go with EXTOL was an easy one.”

- Les Bicknell, Director of Applications and Development, USA Truck

Simplify B2B Integration

Business-to-business, or B2B integration is essential for companies to connect and exchange data with their customers and vendor partners. By integrating, translating and automating the exchange of standard file types like EDI, XML, flat files, and spreadsheets, companies are able to increase the speed and accuracy of business processes, while reducing costly errors and the time to close new revenue opportunities. The EXTOL Business Integrator simplifies and accelerates B2B integration with a learn-once, apply-to-many tool set to help you connect with new trading partners and internal systems in hours - not days.

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B2B Integration
Modernize B2B and EDI integration

Modernize B2B Integration

With changing customer requirements, and the adoption of best-of-breed applications, EDI has expanded beyond the exchange of standardized electronic documents to include new document formats, communications, and patterns. That means the EDI approach your company has used in the past may no longer be adequate for new partner interactions. See best practices to help guide your B2B and EDI modernization strategy:

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Application Integration

As companies grow, so does their need to incorporate best-of-breed applications and tools to effectively manage each business function. With more applications being introduced into the IT environment, the burden typically falls on the shoulders of IT staff, or expert programmers, to implement and manage complex integrations. EXTOL makes enterprise application integration (EAI) easy for a single user to manage.

Featured Application Integrations

SAP Integration
SAP Integration

Oracle Integration
Oracle Integration

JD Edwards Integration
JD Edwards Integration

JD Edwards Integration
Other Application Integrations

Application Integration
EDI Integrator for the IBM i (AS/400)

Looking to Simply Integrate EDI on the IBM i?

The EXTOL EDI Integrator for i is the only native IBM i (AS/400) EDI integration solution on the market that is fully supported.