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Mobile Form and Function: A New Way of Getting Things Done

You are enjoying a beautiful summer weekend afternoon relaxing in the park and then the chaos lets loose.  Your cell-phone starts ringing, not the soft timbres of your favorite Sci-Fi show, but the Red-Alert alarms from Star Trek’s Enterprise.  No, the Klingons and Romulans haven’t attacked, it’s the hot line from IT Support center.  There are problems with a critical system that has stopped communicating.  The problem affects the company both internally and externally; orders can’t come in, invoices aren’t going out and manufacturing doesn’t know what it should be building.  Literally, this system failure may have just given everybody the day off, and you the opportunity to start a new career as a Sherpa taking rich adventurers up the face of Mt. Everest. Continue reading

SMS Notifications from EBI and ESX

Since EBI and ESX exchange critical data, administrators must know immediately if there was an error with either processing or transferring of documents.  Email notifications can be sent from both EXTOL products when failures occur, but this kind of notification may not be effective when the administrator is away from their PC but still has their mobile phone handy.  With small modifications, email notifications can become TXT notifications.

Most mobile carriers provide email to SMS gateways.  A list of carriers providing SMS transit can be found here.  Simply look up the mobile carrier that will receive the TXT message and change the recipient’s email address with the appropriate email format found in this list.  Now all email notifications will be sent as TXT messages.

The minor problem with this approach is knowing the recipient’s mobile carrier.  If you want to be agnostic of mobile carriers, then there are commercial Web Services available for sending TXT messages.  A reliable SMS service I’ve used for years has been from abctext.com (which is about $0.13 per message).  They support delayed TXT’ing, bulk messaging, a control panel displaying which TXT messages that were sent, and more.  Unfortunately, since you may only interact with abctext.com through Web Services, only EBI can be used to send TXT notifications in this way.