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What’s SAP’nin’?

“Not much, what’s SAP’nin’ with you?”  That’s just a little “inside joke” when we’re working with customers who use our SAP interface with EXTOL products.  And yes, EXTOL does have an interface that enables EXTOL products to work with the SAP application.

But, what actually is SAP and why is it necessary to have an EXTOL interface? Continue reading

Just what is the Character (Set) of that Document?

In this age of the Internet, where information is exchanged between systems regularly, it is all too easy to forget that computer systems can store their “plain-text” data in a lot of different ways. If you thought that UNIX Files versus Windows Files were annoying with their Line Feed versus Carriage Return+Line Feed differences, can you imagine the trouble we would have if ASCII didn’t exist?

ASCII, the American Standard Code for Information Interchange, has become a subset of many other character sets in common usage today, so you can exchange a lot of documents without too much hassle, but what do you do if you get something else?

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