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How EDI is Leading Us to the Cloud

Last week, I was interviewed by Alex Woodie of IT Jungle, for his Four Hundred Stuff column.  The primary focus of Alex’s column was on the trajectory of Cloud computing adoption and the challenges that companies face as they add Cloud integration to existing EDI, application, and data integration practices.  I encourage you to click through and read Alex’s article, but in this post, I want to focus on the evolutionary path that is taking us from traditional EDI to Cloud integration.

For most companies, EDI remains the single most important B2B integration requirement.  And new characteristics that reflect the way “EDI” is practiced today make it more relevant and important than ever. Fifteen years ago, EDI was almost exclusively batch-oriented, enabled by VANs, and focused on translation between flat files and X12 or EDIFACT standard EDI documents.  Since then, EDI has changed in several important ways: Continue reading