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EXTOL Business Integrator + Eclipse RCP = A Better EBI

Those of you who attended the EBI 3.0 preview session at the recent EXTOL University learned that EXTOL will be switching to an Eclipse-based development environment for the next major release of EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI). For the rest, I’d like to explain what that means, and why we’re so excited about it here at EXTOL development.

Eclipse is a software framework for building integrated development environments. Huh? What’s an integrated development environment (IDE)? An IDE is a concept well understood by software developers. Building software is a complex activity involving many tasks: writing the source code, compiling it to runnable software, building user interfaces, testing, debugging, etc. In the past, developers had to use many different tools to accomplish these various tasks. These tools composed the programmer’s development environment (their “toolkit”). Continue reading