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End to End File Governance

When thinking about data movement, security, traceability and the industries that need these capabilities, I immediately am drawn to the financial and health-care sectors.  However, that is changing.

Having the ability to govern your data from the time it crosses your “corporate border” through its lifecycle and ultimate delivery to an external consumer is becoming a critical business function.  No longer the domain of expensive infrastructure, it is now possible to implement architectures that ensure guaranteed delivery of data in a secure manner.

But what about monitoring and tracking the data while it is within your borders?  Important questions that need to be answered include “Has the data been accessed and by whom?”, “Has the data been modified while at rest?”, and most importantly, “Where has the data been after it arrived?” This is mission-critical because we consume data in many ways while it is under our control.

End-to-End File Governance can address these very questions in a platform-independent way by monitoring data in motion and at rest.  Think of it as offering a GPS tracker for your data; monitoring everywhere the file has been and who has interacted with it.