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Distributed Transactions

Today we are going to talk about distributed transactions, a common component of enterprise systems. First some definitions. Looking through past EXTOL blogs, the term transaction is used in many different ways. You might have specific meanings for the word in your own business. The kinds of transactions I’m talking about here are those at the software component level. These transactions may or may not mirror a higher level business transaction. There are many locations inside a software system where data is exchanged between components, but we usually don’t describe them all with the word ‘transaction’. The term is usually reserved for an exchange were certain conditions are maintained. These extra conditions are nearly always the principles of ACID [A]tomicity, [C]onsistency, [I]solation, and [D]urability. You can look up the details on Wikipidia, but in short, these ideas are important to keep ‘bad’ things from happening as the exchange is performed (such as interference from other actions executing in the system, unexpected crashes, etc…). Continue reading