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Give your Database a Makeover: Create a View

When setting up a process to translate data from your backend database to another format, it is common to realize that your source DB data is too disparate with how your target data format needs to be mapped/structured. Introducing database views can often simplify integration between two formats and reduce or eliminate the need for external programming.

A view is simply a named select statement that is stored in a database as an object. Using a view can simplify the mapping process by renaming fields (rows) to a purpose more easily understood.   Continue reading

The Many Uses of SQL Access

Have you ever been working with a data transformation in which you needed access to database tables that are not part of the source or target data of the transformation?  If so, you are not alone, a large portion of the EXTOL customers that I work with have been facing this challenge.

The answer to your problem is EBI’s SQL Access type actions. This functionality allows for the execution of an arbitrary SQL statement over any database accessible via a JDBC driver. Users can now execute any SQL statement that they wish from within EBI rulesets and also have the capability to provide as many input and output parameters as they wish. Performing a lookup over a database table that is outside of the source or target metadata within the ruleset in order to retrieve a value based on selection criteria that comes from the source data of the transformation is no longer a challenge.

Don’t yet see a use for SQL Access actions for your daily operations? Keep reading, because there are a variety of uses that you may not be thinking about. Continue reading