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How hungry is your Integration Monster?

Throughout my time at EXTOL, I’ve been in close contact with the customer base. One topic of conversation that has consistently come to the forefront over the years is understanding exactly how much data your business integration software needs to “consume and digest.” In more cases than you would expect, a semi-understanding or lack of understanding exists in this area.

The true problem here is that if you don’t know how much you need to process and how it needs to be processed, future decisions will be difficult to make. Even if you believe that you understand your data requirements, perhaps a review is still worth your time, as it is much cheaper to pay now than later. Just this year alone, I’ve been involved with about ten customers who decided to review their consumption requirements. The research was positive in 100% of the cases. Even customers who were confident that they really knew their system came away with valuable information.

How do you truly know what your system needs to consume? Continue reading