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Canonical models, not just your ordinary middle-man

Deciding how to integrate application data in a way that limits the impact of application changes can be a serious challenge.  Direct, point-to-point integrations are efficient and can be implemented rapidly, but they ignore the notion of interface resiliency.  To complicate matters, modes of data transport such as files or messages and whether the data crosses business domain boundaries expand the complexity of “normalizing” the information.

These challenges occur in both the Business-to-Business (B2B) and Application-To-Application (A2A) domains.  In the B2B space, several data “standards” have emerged to help coordinate interoperability efforts such as ANSI X12 and UN/ECE EDIFACT from the EDI world and RosettaNet for XML content. Integrating to such standard formats limits the impact of application-level changes made by either partner. Continue reading