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Integration Business Activity Monitoring

Analyzing process activities “on the fly” to make timely critical business decisions requires a tool that provides end-to-end visibility to both technical and non-technical users. In Nahid Jilovec’s white paper, Top Ten “Must Haves” of an Integration Solution, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is cited as a major piece of your integration solution to ensure that all processes are running smoothly.

A good integration solution should provide real-time views of all end-to-end transactions, processes and events through the use of configurable dashboards, flexible report creation, and rules-based alerts and notifications. With a BAM solution, you can define what data will be displayed and how. For example, you can apply filters to your key performance indicator (KPI) reports to identify which of your trading partners are hitting your system the most over a specified period of time. You might also want to create a view to show the status of key system operations like the integration server or a series of queues.

To assist in identifying which processes came from a specific event, the BAM solution should allow users to easily create and run log filters over processes. Because integration solutions keep a log of all inbound and outbound transactions, users can design their own custom log searches based on status or results.

Check out the Top Ten “Must Haves” of an Integration Solution white paper to help measure if your integration solution truly provides more streamlined processes, full on-demand visibility, and accurate reporting.