Integration Solution Must-Haves: Process Automation & Event Management

This blog post is part of an ongoing series encompassing the top must-haves when selecting an integrated solution.

With companies of all sizes facing the “do more with less” imperative, it’s not surprising that process automation has become a common trend and technology solutions that manage events based on business rules are being given further consideration.

With an automation tool in place, transactions and processes can be event-driven, scheduled or triggered based on various business rules. This ability to seamlessly establish data and process synchronization rules using complex algorithms puts company success first by leaving far less up to chance with manual handling. By replacing manually initiated processes with software, companies can realize a reduction in errors, an enhanced work and process flow, lower expenses and improved efficiency.

What’s more, business rules trigger actions based on transaction receipt, non-receipt, generation or errors. Just make sure that your chosen solution provides the ability to design and configure automated procedures that generate and route events, actions, alerts or aborts based on errors or missed timelines.

Ultimately, the implementation of workflow automation allows you to take proper action as the result of a specific activity, data or ruleset, instead of one that will be costly or inefficient. For example, it’s important to be alerted when an unusually large order comes in, but depending on customer history and order patterns, you may need to take unexpected actions. A customer who occasionally sends large orders should be processed as normal as they may face extenuating circumstances that ever so often force them to increase demand. On the other hand, if you receive a much larger than normal order from someone who’s order has never before varied, it would be smart to halt production and ensure an error wasn’t made.

Process automation ensures that situations, such as the example above, are properly managed. By establishing different rules, exceptions and notifications you will provide your company with the ability to make decisions based on the right data at the right time.

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