Integration Solution Must-Haves: Ease of Use

This blog post is part of an ongoing series encompassing the top must-haves when selecting an integrated solution.

The term “ease-of-use” undoubtedly carries a different meaning today than it did even a decade ago. Think smartphones and tablets for example. A simple tap of a button almost instantaneously delivers the application and content we desire – no training required.

While integration software may lag a bit behind our smartphones, it is still possible to implement intuitive and easy-to-use solutions that get the job done quickly and with minimal effort. You simply have to be mindful and do your homework before selecting a solution.

Integration software, particularly programs that meet very complex requirements, can appear overwhelming at first. And while you can begin using integration software without training, a bit of online or phone-based training can pay dividends as there are proper ways to navigate and leverage tools more effectively and efficiently.

When looking for an easy-to-use integration tool, pay attention to intelligent suggestions offered by the solution provider which can simplify and speed up the mapping process. Keep in mind that your chosen solution should make integration easier by offering things such as drag-and-drop functionality and the ability to visually build simple to complex business processes, while mapping transactions or automating business processes.

Strongly consider integration software with visual modeling and a simple data flow. If you have to navigate between multiple windows to find what you need, you will inevitably reduce your overall productivity and increase the odds of making a mistake. The mapping and integration process should be logical and easily flow from start to finish with software that offers predictive data entry.

Another consideration is system flexibility. For example, your integration software needs the flexibility to accommodate trading partners of all sizes, no matter how different their individual requirements. Avoid integration solutions that are overly complicated for smaller trading partners, or fail to meet the more complex requirements imposed by larger companies.

While integration ease of use might still be a little less “millennial” and a little more “Gen X”, it’s not impossible to find an intuitive solution that saves your company both time and money. With a little bit of research, you will be on your way to narrowing down your list of possibilities.

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