Integration Solution Must-Haves: Expandability & Scalability

This blog post is part of an ongoing series encompassing the top must-haves when selecting an integrated solution.

One thing that’s fairly certain about your integration needs – they are likely to change over time. And to get the most of any integration solution, it’s smart to factor in how your solution handles scalability and function expansion before making an initial purchase. For example, some vendors include all functions in a single model, requiring you to pay for the entire feature set even if you don’t plan to use all of them. Others approach things in a more modular fashion, with modules that allow you to ”pay as you go”, turning on feature modules when you need them. This can save you significant capital dollars at install time.

Additionally, while most companies may start small, it’s safe to say that don’t plan to stay startup sized forever. This is where scalability comes into play. It’s important to purchase integration software that is able to grow with you as your company expands capabilities for different lines of business, as well as adding integration across databases, applications and trading partners.

Evaluating how well solutions perform within your environment, not just your vendor’s, is crucial. A scalable system should also be able to adjust system performance and delivery in response to different workloads. Imagine a sale or weather condition that can drive interest for a product, causing a huge spike in transactions. In this case, your chosen integration solution should be able to manage large data volumes effectively with features such as clustering, load balancing and 64-bit architecture.

One last thing to consider is whether or not your chosen provider offers on-demand or SaaS-based services. This is a must if you want to minimize capital investment or have in-house resource limitations.

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