Integration Solution Must-Haves: Model-Driven Approach

This blog post is part of an ongoing series encompassing the top must-haves when selecting an integrated solution.

In today’s 24/7 business world, budgets are tight and deadlines pressing as an increasing bounty of requests find their way into IT managers’ inboxes day in and day out. Integration projects are included, requiring agile methodologies be put in place to achieve efficiency and cost effectiveness. While many of today’s integration applications are rich in functionality, this also seems to be their basic limitation as solutions are often difficult to learn and use.

However, with the proper training, leveraging these tools and techniques, such as a model-driven approach, will vastly improve your user experience.

Utilizing a model-driven approach allows your team to build object-based frameworks that can be modeled and reused as much as needed. The object model contains the rules that drive instructions and invocations during run time. Once built, they are tagged and stored in searchable libraries for later use. It’s important to note that object libraries may come pre-populated with standard or commonly used objects developed by the vendor based on industry best practices, or by other customers.

Leveraging this approach increases efficiency by making it quick and easy to make changes across all object types, including rules, processes and document maps. In addition, generation and conversion utilities can prove to be significant time-savers. For example, being able to create a document definition or trading partner profile based on a transaction set can save hours of setup time and testing, which can be better spent elsewhere.

This time savings will ultimately allow for your team’s expertise to be redeployed, improving efficiency and accuracy in projects.

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