The Dollar Value of Integration – Part 2: Revenue Growth

You probably have seen Revenue Growth illustrated on a graph, with time moving to the right, and a line that rises up and to the right as revenue is earned.

In the previous blog post, we addressed how onboarding a company faster decreases the amount of time from the point of a contract being signed, to the point your company begins to recognize revenue.

Now that you can onboard new business more quickly using an integration platform, what does that really do for your company long-term?

Imagine being able to onboard all the business that your sales team could sign without fear of disappointing the customer. Wouldn’t that be an enviable position to be in? Being able to onboard new business faster means that your company can grow more quickly than in the past.

But there are other areas within your company that integration can accelerate Revenue Growth. We have talked about processing new business through rapid onboarding, but let’s think outside the box.

How can we make our trading partnerships stronger with our suppliers and customers? What if we could offer more transparency to our trading partners about the status of their orders and shipments? That is probably valuable to them, especially if we can offer those services in a way that they can easily access and consume the data.

By allowing our trading partners better access to our systems, we become an extension of their business systems. If we do this properly and offer value to them, we build even stronger business relationships, which should translate into more business volume – Which means Revenue Growth.

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