EXTOL Insider’s Tips from the Technical Support Center – April 2012

EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI)

Question: Is there a way to pull a value from my Ruleset to use inside of my Business Process?

Answer: Yes, by using the “Context Point – Get Value” Task inside of your Business Process. You can pull a GlobalRoot Variable populated inside of the Middle Tree of your Ruleset by passing the “Target Context Storage Node” of your “Execute Transformation – Single Output” Task into the “Context Storage Node” of the “Context Point – Get Value” Task and passing it a Constant of the exact GlobalRoot Variable name (ex: glb.var.Value01) into the “Variable Name”. The resulting “Variable Value” is perfect for getting a String value to use inside of a “Send Email” task or in an Adapter.

EXTOL EDI Integrator for i (EEI)

Question: Is there a way to subtract 10 days from transmitted date and enter the new value into application file field?

Answer: Yes, map the EDI element containing the date to the Application file field and attach the code table ADDDAYS.

From the message class field map details screen, in the Code translation direction enter ” I ” for inbound, in the Code table reference enter ADDDAYS and in the Qual type/data enter C / ZMDZMD10-.

This will take the incoming date in ZMD format, subtract 10 days from it, and convert it back to the same date format minus the 10 days and populate the field with the value.

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