EXTOL Insider’s Tips from the Technical Support Center – March 2012

EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI)

Question: How can I combine multiple EDI Messages into the same Interchange?

Answer: EBI has this capability through the use of the Enveloping Limits found under the “Target” tab of the EDI Endpoints. The Enveloping Limits are a place for the user to define how many Messages they want to be placed inside of each Interchange. Different Limits could be defined inside of the EBI Workbench under the “Enveloping Limits” option. By default, EBI provides the “Default – No Max – Limits” Enveloping Limit that allows for any number of Messages inside of an Interchange. This particular Limit will be the one to use in this scenario.

In order to apply this setting to your outbound process, you must click the “Browse” button next to the “Enveloping Limits” option inside of the EDI Endpoint you wish to use. Select “EXTOL – Default – No Max Limits” from the list. After saving the Endpoint and running your Outbound EDI Process, all messages that are going through this same EDI Endpoint to be enveloped will now be combined into a single Interchange and passed to the Connection Business Process. What you do with it from there is up to you!

EXTOL EDI Integrator for i (EEI)

Question: How can I automatically print a document after it is unwrapped?

Answer: You can setup a Trading partner message class exit point to print a document after it has unwrapped.  Mapping, Trading partner, Message class exits. Do a create, enter a Sequence number, Trading partner, Group code, Message ID, Message class and Msg event of CU (Crt msg log – unwrap). After you hit enter, you will then be on the “Change TPMC exit point” screen. Enter the following:

Status: E    Operation: P    On return:

Return     Function      In process
value        status            status

Pass –

Fail –

Error – Action: E

Program –   Parm type: 1   Program: PRINTSED     Library: *LIBL

Note: This exit point will execute for every message (ST- SE)

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