EXTOL INSIDER’s Tips from the Technical Support Center – January 2012

EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI):

Question: How can I set a fixed length for wrapping Outbound EDI document contents?

Answer: Does your trading partner require the lines of data inside of the Outbound EDI documents you are sending to them to have fixed wrapping at a specific length?  In EDI, the term “Fixed Wrapped” refers to EDI data formatted so that there is a new line repeatedly at a fixed number of characters throughout the document.

The procedure to do this inside of EBI is actually very simple. All you need to do is go to the Target EDI Endpoint responsible for wrapping the EDI data for this particular trading partner. Select the ‘Target’ tab and find the “Enable Fixed Wrapping” checkbox. Checking this will enable the “Fixed Wrap Length” setting next to it. This is where you can enter what the length of the lines inside of your Outbound EDI document will be according to your trading partner’s request. Saving the EDI Endpoint after this will immediately enable the software to wrap the data accordingly.”

EXTOL EDI Integrator for i (EEI)

Question:  How can I use data areas to set defaults for mailroom dates, sorting, and job logging?


  • EXWRKCNNDY – Sets the default date for Connections listing when you go to Mailroom, Work with Connections

If you enter a 0.00000000 in the data area, the starting date when you go into the Mailroom, Work with Connections will be the current date. If you enter 1.000000000, the starting date in the Mailroom, Work with Connections will be yesterday, if you enter 2.0000000 the starting date will be the day before yesterday, etc….

  • EXCONNDFT – EXTOL default Ascending/Descending view for Work with Connections
    • An ‘A’ will sort the mailroom so that the Newest Connections are at the bottom and the oldest at the Top.
    • A ‘D’ will sort the mailroom so that the Newest Connections are at the top and the oldest at the bottom.
  • EXDBG – Changing the second position to a ‘Y’ will generate additional job logs for debugging purposes.

**Note – remember to turn this data area off after debugging problems, as keeping this on will result in excess job logs being created on your system.

2 thoughts on “EXTOL INSIDER’s Tips from the Technical Support Center – January 2012

  1. Debbie Taylor

    While doing some EDI testing with InterdataLLC, this tester was having a issue accepting 6 digit date field on GS segment for some odd reason their system would only accept 4 digit. Was there a way for me to have changed this from 6 to 4 in order for them to received an outbound document? They eventually were able to receive the document, but for future reference I would like to know how to handle this.

  2. Joe Wood


    In order to send a four-digit date in the GS04 you would need to create a new envelope map. EXTOL currently ships many envelope maps, unfortunately none currently contain four-digit dates for the GS04. If you call the hotline, they can create one for you in a couple minutes. For obvious reasons, we don’t allow user access the envelope classes shipped with our product. Hope this helps. Thanks!

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