EXTOL INSIDER’s Tips from the Technical Support Center – December 2011

EXTOL Business Integrator (EBI)

Question: If I’ve forgotten the name of an Application or EDI Endpoint for a specific Trading Partner, is there a way to find it?

Answer: You can use the ‘Endpoint Search’ feature to find them using values specific to a Trading Partner. Follow these steps:

– At the bottom of the ‘Endpoints’ tab inside of the EBI Workbench, click the first button on the left to bring up the search window.

– Select the endpoint type from the dropdown menu at the top of the window. This will display all of the fields available within that endpoint category.

– From there, you can enter the specific criteria for a Trading Partner, such as Sender/Receiver ID.

– To turn off your search filter, simply click the second button from the left at the bottom of the ‘Endpoint’ tab.

EXTOL Secure Exchange (ESX)

Question: How do I republish an outbound document from ESX?

Answer: To republish an outbound document from ESX, you first right click on the specified session and choose publish to, outgoing channel. Next, select the outgoing channel that is attached to the partnership that you want this document republished to, and click ok.

* Note: Make sure this outgoing channel is not selected on multiple partnerships. Otherwise, this document will go to all the partnerships the outgoing channel is selected on.

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