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Pass the Work From Your Business Applications to Your Database

A few months ago, my colleague Jason Honicker wrote an entry on the EXTOL Technology Blog explaining how database triggers can be used to expand the functionality of your database to do more than just store data. I wanted to further the discussion on databases and talk this time about stored procedures.

A stored procedure is a routine, or program, which resides as part of the database itself. It’s typically written in SQL, PL/SQL, Java or .NET, depending on the type of database being used. Stored procedures enable developers and system administrators to maintain only one piece of code, which may be used across multiple business applications. This takes some of the pressure for business application developers to have to develop the database function directly into the business application. Instead, they simply need to know the procedure name, the parameters it requires and what kind of data could be returned. Continue reading

Why System Maintenance and Disaster Planning Matter

When it comes to solving data integration problems, we often overlook the system-level impacts of proliferating integration objects, increasing data volume, and increased logging activity. The tendency is to focus on delivering applications and to ignore broader consequences that could come back to bite us.

As an EXTOL developer who interacts with our front line support representatives several times a day, I have seen, first hand, the perils of poor system maintenance and not having a disaster recovery plan. There are three important points that need to be considered, to keep the ship sailing smoothly and to mitigate extended periods of downtime, should a disaster occur.

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