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The 997: It’s More “Functional” Than You Might Think

For many EDI analysts, the “997 Functional Acknowledgment” [EDI transaction] is a necessary, but little observed, piece of the overall EDI process…one that informs recipients that an EDI transaction has been received.  But, there is much more to the 997 than you might think as it is, after all, called a “Functional” Acknowledgement.  So what exactly are its’ functions?

The 997 acknowledges receipt of one or more transactions; it reports specifically based on X12 Syntax (not backend application) data compliance.  The 997 (could) use up to a total of six different segment types in the “body” of the transaction (between the ST and SE segments), and is dependent on the level of detail being reported.  At minimum, the AK1 (Functional Group Response Header) and AK9 (Functional Group Response Trailer) segments must be present.  These simply report that a specific Functional Group (GS/GE envelope) has been received.  This segment pair also includes the number of transaction sets received and accepted [e.g. Accepted, Accepted with Errors, or Rejected].  This is considered a simple or “Summary” 997 since it references an entire group of transactions (e.g. IN-Invoices) rather than to individual transactions (e.g. 810-Invoices). Continue reading