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Strategy to Modernize Your EDI Solution

It’s a new year. This is the year you’re finally gonna do something about your aging EDI solution. It’s likely this decision came down from above. “They” want to gain a competitive advantage, which could mean anything from decreasing partner on-boarding time to scrapping the whole ERP/platform/EDI suite in favor of something that’s better suited to your enterprise.

So… where do you go from here? Depending on your situation, your options could be anything from “Do nothing for now” to “Full replacement ASAP”. Carefully enumerating the options (like on a whiteboard) is a really useful exercise and will help you make a sound business case for your decision. But, in order to arrive at viable options (which management loves), you have to first know what this is going to impact. Continue reading

XML Schemas

All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial; when developing an XML Schema, this is a good rule of thumb.  XML Schema provides many options for developing robust, flexible data structures.  One such option is the ability to define nested content model definitions.

All XML elements have a content model.  A content model defines the validation rules and structure of an element’s content.  Element content can consist of character data, child elements, or a mixture of both.  In the cases where an element contains child elements, a content model is used to define the order, cardinality and presence of the child elements. Continue reading