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What’s SAP’nin’?

“Not much, what’s SAP’nin’ with you?”  That’s just a little “inside joke” when we’re working with customers who use our SAP interface with EXTOL products.  And yes, EXTOL does have an interface that enables EXTOL products to work with the SAP application.

But, what actually is SAP and why is it necessary to have an EXTOL interface? Continue reading

Welcome to the World of Web Services

A Web Service is any “service” that is available over the Internet, using a standardized XML messaging system, and is not tied to any one operating system or programming language.

Example Web Service Implementation:

MyCompany receives purchase orders from UPS and during the translation process uses an HTTP connection to interface with an existing UPS Web Service.  Through this Web Service MyCompany verifies addresses, retrieves tracking information, sends (SMS) text messages, and performs currency conversions (among other functions).  This Web Service provides MyCompany access to information from the UPS tracking database needed inside MyCompany application and is achieved without complex programming. Continue reading