Modernizing B2B & EDI Integration

For years, companies have depended on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to reduce time, costs, and errors when transacting with business partners. EDI has become so essential to modern commerce that the success or failure of agreements between buyers and sellers can hinge on a company’s EDI capabilities.

Modernize B2B and EDI integrationBut in practice, EDI has expanded beyond the exchange of standardized electronic documents, to include new document formats, communication methods, application connections, and interaction patterns. That means the EDI approach your company has used in the past may no longer be adequate for new partner interactions.

EDI Modernization Resources:

download Drivers, Options, and Success Factors

download Best Practices for Project Planning and Migration


download How to Cut Migration & On-boarding Costs by 50%

download EDI Modernization Strategy: Five Decision Factors

Does Your EDI Modernization Strategy:

  • Increase revenue & market share by integrating new functionality?
  • Rapidly onboard shippers, carriers, service providers?
  • Integrate with less technically sophisticated partners?
  • Reduce chargebacks & improve your vendor scorecard?
  • Handle unexpected peaks with reliable system performance?
  • Provide customers and internal users with on-demand visibility?

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