Recorded Presentations

View recorded presentations hosted by EXTOL, and presented by integration experts and key business partners:

Considering EDI-as-a-Service? 10 Best Practices to Guide Your Decision (48 minutes)

Detecting differences between vendors offering EDI-as-a-Service can be difficult. Choosing the wrong service option could potentially lead to transaction failure, cash flow disruption, and even loss of future business.

In this webinar, Ali Jenan and Jim O’Leary, experts on strategic business and IT project planning, will share 10 best practices to follow when planning and evaluating EDI services to avoid jeopardizing business operations and trading partner relationships due to poor performance or lack of control.

Modernizing JD Edwards - Anatomy of an Implementation Project (46 minutes)

While no business welcomes application replacement and upgrade pressures, the approaching end-of-life for older JD Edwards versions presents a rare opportunity to improve Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) productivity and automation levels at the same time.

In this webcast on EDI modernization for JD Edwards, we will focus on EDI implementation processes, methods, and best practices, including real-world JD Edwards project case studies.


Integrate to Innovate Your Supply Chain (18 minutes)

There are new ways to think about your data landscape and how you could leverage integration to improve time to revenue, revenue growth, cost reductions and risk mitigation.

Integration expert, Mark Denchy, will present key challenges that both IT and Business managers are facing today across the Supply Chain. Join us to hear best practices to solve these challenges using proven innovative integration strategies.


Drivers and Outcomes to Modernizing Your Integration (25 minutes)

Many companies are hard pressed to keep their B2B integration infrastructure current in today’s fast paced, constantly changing business environment. New demands from customers, limitations of the legacy IT environment, and extended implementation associated with bringing on new partners are but a few of the challenges that must be overcome.

Integration expert Barry Sponsler breaks down how your company can respond to these demands quickly and easily, while reducing risk and keeping costs under control.


How to Cut EDI Modernization Costs by Over 50% (45 minutes)

Many EDI solutions that were put in place years ago are no longer capable of meeting requirements for connectivity, document transformation, response turnaround, and visibility to transaction status and activities. But for many businesses, concerns about the cost and risk of migrating trading partner connections and EDI integration processes stand in the way of modernization.

Conventional reuse methods can cut migration costs by up to 75%. But recent advancements in automated reuse can further cut costs by over 50%, and reduce the risk of errors and missed deadlines, at the same time. This presentation is a must-see for any IT leader looking for strategic options and best practices to greatly reduce the risk and cost typically associated to EDI modernization.


Driving Competitive Growth through Modernized Data Management (44 minutes)

Adding value to core technology through services is a widely used business strategy for companies within the supply chain to improve their competitive advantage. Take a look at how The Apparel Logistics Group, a world leader in apparel third party logistics and supply chain outsourcing, found ways to increase their value to their customers, and differentiate their services by extending integration capabilities to modernize data management.


Modernizing EDI: Best Practices for Project Planning, Migration, and Operations (53 minutes)

Businesses are finding that the classic EDI solutions they put in place years ago are no longer capable of meeting their requirements for trading partner integration. “Modern EDI” offers an answer, by adding any-to-any connectivity, end-to-end integration, support for non-standard document syntaxes, near real-time response, and on-demand visibility to transaction status and activities.


Managing Vendor Performance: What Really Works? (49 minutes)

Panelists representing retailers, vendors, and distributors will discuss their experiences with vendor performance management programs and present their cases for what works, what doesn’t, and why.


How to Seamlessly Cleanse and Enrich Your Customer Data (29 minutes)

Learn how to correct, clean, update, and complete your contact data to improve customer communications, increase marketing ROI, and create better opportunities for growth.


Best Practices for EDI Integration with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (34 minutes)

Oracle's support sunset schedule leaves about one-third of current EnterpriseOne licensees on unsupported versions. If your business is planning an E1 upgrade or other major change to your EDI or JD Edwards systems, this Educast provides useful best practices for improving the flexibility, manageability, and extensibility of your EDI integrations with E1.


5 Reasons to Modernize EDI on IBM i (51 minutes)

Business model changes, slow partner on-boarding and response to customer demands, increased data errors, and application replacements are just some of the reasons companies look to establish more efficient processes and technology. As businesses strategize to adapt to change, an EDI modernization plan is necessary.


EDI Modernization Best Practices & Case Studies (63 minutes)

Changes in technologies and business practices are driving a wave of EDI modernization projects. In part 3 of our EDI Modernization Educast series, we highlighted the best practices of several real-world EDI modernization projects, and the outcomes.


Building Your EDI Modernization Roadmap (67 minutes)

When building your EDI modernization strategy, look at the essential elements of an EDI Modernization Roadmap, including migration planning considerations and a demonstration of key technologies for EDI modernization.


Modernizing EDI: Exploring EDI and Modern Commerce Strategies (44 minutes)

Take a deeper look at EDI Modernization and see what the Business and IT drivers are for successful execution and company growth.


7 Ways Application Infrastructure and Middleware Drive Growth (33 minutes)

This webinar will explore how Application Infrastructure and Middleware solutions are rapidly changing the business landscape, and provide an in-depth look into the 7 components needed to ensure a healthy B2B integration architecture that translates into an improved bottom line.