EXTOL International Leads the Industry in Customer Satisfaction

Top Net Promoter Score® showcases commitment to customers

Pottsville, PA – June 30, 2015 – EXTOL International, a leading provider of end-to-end business integration software and services, has earned a top Net Promoter Score® (NPS) of 65.3, ranking them 42% higher than the average score of 23.1 across North American B2B technology vendors. The loyalty metric, created by Satmetrix, tracks customer satisfaction and is typically viewed by many as a means to influence business growth. EXTOL Customer Satisfaction - Top NPS Rank

The score was calculated from a recent survey conducted by independent firm, Arketi Group, aimed at gathering unbiased perspectives about EXTOL’s relationship with their customers. On average, 94% of respondents said they were likely to recommend EXTOL because of their excellent and dependable service.

“While statistically we see customer satisfaction is on the decline across the software industry, EXTOL’s value of personalized service, support, education, and customer management is well appreciated,” said Jim Albright, Vice President of Marketing for EXTOL. “Knowing our customer’s expectations in all aspects of their business keeps us pushing the envelope to deliver intuitive training materials, hands-on help, reliable and fast support, and on-demand integration expertise.”

According to a July 2014 Net Promoter Score® benchmark report for B2B technology vendors in North America, EXTOL ranks well above other software companies such as IBM, Oracle, SAP and Dell in customer satisfaction.

“Candid feedback from our customers not only impacts how we provide better service, but it typically translates into active development of new technology to answer direct challenges they face,” Albright continued.
For more information about EXTOL International and its business integration tools, visit www.extol.com.

About EXTOL International
EXTOL International delivers end-to-end data transformation and integration software and services that easily allow companies to automate data transactions between internal systems and trading partners.

EXTOL lets you say “yes” to more business by supporting a wide variety of integration requirements within a single solution – without additional coding.

From our award-winning software to our top-rated training, services, and support teams who get to know you and your business, see how EXTOL provides a better integration experience.