Transport & Logistics Data Integration

Rising fuel prices, increasing globalization, and pressures to differentiate and add value are driving Transportation and Logistics firms to streamline and innovate. Automating critical business processes and partner interactions is central to meeting those goals.


"Working with the EXTOL product (has) decreased our time to implement partner interfaces - we've gone from a matter of days to actually hours."
- Todd Poteet (Burris Logistics)


For Transportation and Logistics companies, automating data processes avoids errors, eliminates latency, reduces processing costs, increases throughput and capacity, and frees time to focus on customer satisfaction and added value.

EXTOL has been recognized by hundreds of Transportation and Logistics companies to deliver business-critical integration faster and more affordably than alternatives:

Increase revenue and market share by integrating new functions
Integrate new systems seamlessly with existing back-end applications and processes, making it easier to expand the range of services you offer and penetrate new markets.

On-board shippers, carriers, and service providers faster than ever
Integrate new partners and transaction types in hours or days, instead of weeks and months.

Automate integration with less technically sophisticated partners
Easily expand your network by on-boarding trading partners with varied data requirements.

Reduce chargebacks and improve your Vendor Scorecard
Integrate partner transactions with your applications and business processes to reduce errors, latency, and cost. Customized alerts will help you resolve issues before they become problems.

Handle unexpected peaks with reliable and scalable system performance
Process higher volumes of transactions, even during spikes in demand.

Give your customers on-demand visibility
Gain immediate access to processing status and document history, and extend access to customers and service partners to view their own activities.


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