Industrial Manufacturing Data Integration

Globalization and uncertain economic conditions are especially challenging for Industrial Manufacturers with long supply chains, lead times, and complex manufacturing processes.  Broader integration of back-office and procurement with factory floor and other operational processes is essential to flexibility and sustainable business performance.

Automation and integration of supply chain and sales operations processes with core business systems is a prerequisite to the efficiency, scalability and visibility goals of Industrial Manufacturers. And business integration middleware from EXTOL is a proven solution for achieving those and other important business goals:

  • Connect internal business processes with industry hubs - Engage with industry-specific trading hubs for pricing, invoicing, and other B2B processes. EXTOL slashes the time needed to deliver point-to-point and mediated partner connections, for both batch and near-real time processes.
  • Integrate partner transactions with make-to-order processes - EXTOL integration technology supports multiple methods for integrating with your business processes, data and applications, including ERP and other commercial and in-house developed software, all using one automated toolset.
  • Engage faster with new customers and suppliers - Engage sooner with new trading partners by delivering integration results faster. EXTOL's technology reduces the effort and cost of customer integration and maintenance, by eliminating many time-consuming, low-level implementation concerns.
  • Gain flexibility to integrate with trading partners on their terms - Connect with customers, suppliers, and other partners using their preferred protocols and document types. EXTOL removes technical barriers to new business relationships, by accelerating delivery of connections using custom documents, communications, and process models.
  • Comply more easily with key partner requirements - Implement Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, Load Tender-to-Delivery, and other B2B processes, including specialized, partner-proprietary transactions.
  • Automate onboarding of less technically sophisticated offshore partners - Automate integration with offshore partners that are not EDI-capable, by exchanging spreadsheets, flat files, and other desktop office suite-compatible documents.
  • Provide secure, on-demand data access to trading partners - Create web services that expose order status, shipment status, inventory availability, and other information, on-demand. EXTOL's web service accelerators take care of low-level implementation details, so you can focus on getting the right data to your partners.
  • Integrate directly with internal applications - EXTOL integration technology  supports multiple methods for integrating with your data and applications, including both commercial and in-house developed software, on-premise or in the cloud, with one set of tools.


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