Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Data Integration

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, Healthcare providers, and Healthcare related payers and intermediaries not only share value chains and regulatory concerns, but also challenging business integration requirements. 

Compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare-related standards, large documents and transaction volumes, communication security, near-real time response, integration with ERP and other enterprise applications, and visibility to transaction communication and processing status are all critical to the business.

EXTOL’s integration solutions help Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies accelerate attainment of important compliance, efficiency, and business performance goals, including:

  • Comply with standards and regulations – Automate interactions with providers, payers, and intermediaries, using HIPAA EDI and other industry standards.
  • Reduce processing cycle times for short shelf-life items – Streamline time-critical processes by integrating directly with ERP, transportation management, and other applications.  Turn around responses to partners in near-real time.
  • Achieve transaction status visibility and traceability – EXTOL provides visibility via dashboards and alerts so you  can verify the integration status of enrollments, claims, eligibility inquiries, orders, shipments, and other events and respond more quickly to exceptions.
  • Gain flexibility to integrate with trading partners on their terms – Connect with customers, suppliers, payers, and other partners using their preferred protocols and document types.  EXTOL removes technical barriers to new business relationships, by accelerating delivery of connections using custom documents, communications, and process models.
  • Integrate faster with new customers and suppliers – EXTOL’s unique Design-time Automation™ lets you deliver the integration applications you need faster, so you can engage sooner with new trading partners.
  • Automate onboarding of less technically sophisticated partners – Automate integration with smaller trading partners that are not EDI-capable, by exchanging spreadsheets, flat files, and other desktop office suite-compatible documents.
  • Integrate directly with internal applications – Integrate with applications and data non-invasively, without disrupting existing business processes or risking costly penalties.  EXTOL technology can integrate directly or indirectly with your applications, including both commercial and in-house developed software, on-premise or in the cloud, with one set of tools.
  • Provide secure, on-demand data access to trading partners – Create web services that expose order status, shipment status, inventory availability, and other information, on-demand.  EXTOL’s web service accelerators take care of low-level implementation details, so you can focus on getting the right data to your partners.
  • Gain capacity to handle large documents and demand peaks – EXTOL technology is proven in high-volume businesses, and is capable of processing both very large documents and very high transaction rates, including responses to eligibility inquiries and claim status requests.


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