Food & Grocery Data Integration

High transaction volumes, limited product shelf life, variable demand, thin margins, and competition from non-traditional outlets are just some of the endemic factors that drive food and grocery suppliers toward higher levels of business integration and automation.


"At the end of the day, we want to be easy to do business with. EXTOL helps us accomplish that goal by allowing us to better communicate with both customers and partners. You can't put a price on that."
- Michael Hegarty (Lipari Foods)


Business integration provides the scalability, efficiency, and time savings needed to respond to unexpected demand, minimize time to market, improve vendor scorecard ratings, and achieve revenue and profitability targets with predictability.

EXTOL has helped global food and grocery suppliers migrate from expensive, piecemeal integration technology to a unified solution that makes important business goals easier to attain:

Achieve transaction visibility and traceability
Safety regulations, including tracking of products from foreign sources, requires timely access to supply chain data. EXTOL provides visibility via dashboards and alerts so you can verify orders, shipments, and other events and respond more quickly to exceptions.

Reduce processing cycle times for perishables and other short shelf-life items
Streamline time-critical processes by integrating directly with ERP, warehouse management, and other applications. Turn around responses to partners in near-real time.

Implement demand-driven replenishment
Support VMI, JIT replenishment, and other demand-driven processes, by triggering replenishment from demand signals generated by RFID events or POS transactions.

Gain flexibility to integrate with trading partners on their terms
Connect with retailers, suppliers, and other trading partners using their preferred protocols and document types. Make it easy for others to do business with you by implementing custom integrations faster and with less effort.

On-board new customers and suppliers fast
Provision new trading partners and new transactions faster than your current solution. With EXTOL, you can accelerate delivery of integration applications and changes, so you can engage sooner with trading partners.

Comply more easily with key partner requirements
Implement Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, and other B2B processes, including Ship Destination Quantity (SDQ) and other specialized transactions.

Broaden your reach to include less technically sophisticated partners
Integrate with small or off-shore partners that are not EDI-capable by exchanging spreadsheets, flat files, and other desktop office suite-compatible documents. EXTOL's metadata and mapping Accelerators make non-standard data interchange faster and easier.

Integrate directly with internal applications
EXTOL integration technology supports multiple methods for integrating with your data and applications, including both commercial and in-house developed software, on-premise or in the cloud, with one set of tools.

Provide secure, on-demand data access to trading partners
Create web services that expose order status, shipment status, inventory availability, and other information, on-demand. EXTOL's web service accelerators take care of low-level implementation details, so you can focus on getting the right data to your partners.

Synchronize your product catalog data
Synchronize catalog data with retailers using EDI, Global Data Synchronization, flat files, or third party catalog applications. EXTOL offers multiple ways to extract and automate delivery of the product data your partners need, when they need it.

Gain capacity to handle large documents and demand peaks
EXTOL technology is proven in high-volume businesses, and is capable of processing both very large documents and very high transaction rates.


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