Consumer Goods Data Integration

Manufacturers of Consumer Packaged Goods have been innovators in business integration, recognizing the positive impact that process automation exerts on time-to-market, demand-driven replenishment and supply chain efficiency.


"EXTOL is the best of them all. It automates just about everything. Transaction that take days with other products take minutes with EXTOL"
- Carrie Saxton (Dorcy International)


CPG manufacturers face daunting integration challenges: Large numbers of trading partners with a wide range of electronic document types and interfaces, significant partner interface volatility, and offshore partners with limited IT and integration capabilities.

EXTOL's integration solutions equip CPG companies to achieve high levels of process automation and efficiency, even in the face of unexpected changes:

Implement demand-driven replenishment
Integrate VMI, JIT replenishment, and other demand-driven processes, by triggering replenishment from demand signals. EXTOL lets you integrate sales operations, supply management, and other applications non-invasively and in near-real time.

Integrate with trading partners on their terms
Connect with retailers, offshore manufacturers, and other trading partners using their preferred protocols and document types. Become easier to do business with by delivering custom connections to your enterprise applications, with less time and effort than alternatives.

On-board new customers and suppliers faster
Engage sooner with new trading partners by delivering integration results faster. EXTOL’s technology reduces the cost of customer integration and maintenance, by eliminating many time-consuming, low-level implementation concerns.

Comply more easily with key partner requirements
Implement Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, and other B2B processes, including Ship Destination Quantity (SDQ) and other specialized transactions. EXTOL equips you to comply with unique partner interface requirements.

On-board less technically sophisticated offshore partners
Automate integration with offshore partners that are not EDI-capable, by exchanging spreadsheets, flat files, and other desktop office suite-compatible documents.

Integrate directly with internal applications
EXTOL integration technology supports multiple methods for integrating with your data and applications, including both commercial and in-house developed software, on-premise or in the cloud, with one set of tools.

Expose data to trading partners, securely and on-demand
Create web services that expose order status, shipment status, inventory availability, and other information, on-demand. EXTOL’s web service Accelerators take care of low-level implementation details, so you can focus on getting the right data to your partners.

Synchronize your product catalog data
Synchronize catalog data with retailers using EDI, Global Data Synchronization, flat files, or third party catalog applications. EXTOL offers multiple ways to extract and automate delivery of the product data your partners need, when they need it.

Do more with less
Meet all of your business integration needs with one investment in tools and skills. EXTOL integration technology is designed for flexibility, so you can solve unforeseen integration problems without new infrastructure or retooling.


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